1964 SG Standard

1965 Gibson Firebird 1

1971 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop

1965 Gibson 330

1965 Gretsch Country Gent

1965 Fender Stratocaster

1966 Fender Xii

1964 Fender Jazzmaster

1965 Silvertone Solidbody

1964 Airline Jetson

1962 Hofner Solidbody Bass

2008  LSL Pine Tele

Gibson J200 Jumbo Acoustic

1969 Harmony Sovereign Acoustic

1966 Fender 800 Pedal Steel

50’s Oahu/Valco Lap Steel


65' Wurlitzer 140B Electric Piano

70'S Arp String Ensemble

70'S Mellotron (Strings/Flutes/Cello/Brass/Vibes/Harpsichord)

65’ Hammond B3 w 122Leslie

Steinway 1098 Studio Upright Piano

Yamaha DX7 Synth

Yamaha SK-20 Synth


Hot rodded 1974 (May) MCI 416B Console - Every opamp in the first 14 channels as well as the Master section have been modified and replaced w custom made Sage Electronics Discrete Opamps. Also modified w Jensen transformers. This console is punchy w a beautiful clarity that can stand right along side a Neve/API/Electrodyne etc…

MCI JH24 2" Tape Machine (16 & 24 Track Headstacks!)

70'S Ampex 440B 2 Track 1/4" Mixdown Tape Machine

Pro Tools HD

Yamaha NS-10 Monitors

Neumann KH310 Monitors

Vintage Pair Universal Audio La3a's

70’s Urei 1176

ADR F760X Compex Compressor

API 550A Eq’s (2)

Shadow Hills Dual Vandergraph

Electrodyne Mic-pre

Brent Averill API 312 Preamps

BAE 1073

Smart CL1A Stereo Compressor

Vintage Ampex 601

Daking Fet3 Compressor

Spectra Sonics 610 Comp/Limiter

Altec 438 - RS124 Compressor Modified by Highland Dynamics

Little Labs IBP

Groovetubes Brick tube DI

Dynachord S65 Tape Delay

EP-1 Tube Echoplex

EP-2 Tube Echoplex

TTE Tape Echo

DBX 160

Overstayer VCA Compressor

Echoplate 3 Plate Reverb

Lexicon PCM60

Lexicon PCM41


Telefunken U48 (L Cohen’s personal stash)

60’s Neumann U87

70’s Neumann KM-84i (Pair)

70’s AKG 451Eb (Pair)

70’s AKG D12e

Coles 4038 Ribbons (Pair)

Sennheiser MD421 (Pair:cream/black)

80’s Shure SM7

80’s Shure Beta57

60’s Sennheiser MD409 (re:Floyd Pompeii)

Shure Unidyne SM57, as well as newer 57’s and 58’.

Cascade Stereo Ribbon (Lundahl)

Lawson L47

CAD E100 (Pair)

70’s Beyer M260


EV 635


1967 Marshall 50w Plexi

(2) 1970 Marshall Basketweave Cabs (Straight And Angled) 

68' Fender Bandmaster Reverb

1965 Vox Berkeley Reverb

70'S Orange OR-80

1964 Selmer Treble & Bass W/ Cab

1957 Fender Tweed Deluxe

1957 Fender Tweed Champ

1965 Ampeg Gemini I

1961 Ampeg Echo Twin

Fender Vibratone Leslie

1956 Danelectro Challenger

1956 Silvertone 1335

1961 Supro 16T

Yamaha Solidstate Combo

1960 Airline 1x12

1964 Alamo Paragon Bass Amp


65' Slingerland 20" Bass Drum

40' Leedy 26" Bass Drum

60'S Slingerland 22" Bass

70'S Ludwig 22", 12"/13", 16" Kit

60'S Leedy Rack Tom 13"

60'S Ludwig 16" Floor Tom

60’s Majestic MIJ 20/12/14 kit  

70'S 5.5" Ludwig Acrolite Snare

61" Ludwig 6.5 Wood Snare

Vintage Ziljdian cymbals, Paiste Cymbals 602s/2002’s etc…